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A curriculum of Design History and Cultural Studies major was established as a graduate program for

SNU’s MFA and Dr.Design in 2012. The aim of the major is to provide an academic foundation meeting new social expectations and to educate  future academic generations and experts. Along with the advent of a knowledge-based information society, the role of design which conventionally had been limited to the activities of practices has expanded its spectrum to the study of design history, theories of design culture, and discourses on design criticism. For this reason, the program systematically explores the design history, design culture, and government policy, museum curatorship as well as the social philosophy of design, etc., which constitute together a network of inter-disciplinary researchers within wider domains of

design history and cultural studies.

We are doing various studies on design history and culture based upon the local specificities of Korea and East Asian context in order to contribute to building up design studies and expanding the cultural discourses on design. Along with this aim, we also do investigate the design industry policy and museum management from the perspective of the public concern, which lead to pave the path of various researches and critical studies on contemporary design.

The official web page has been launched since 2015. We herein would like to provide basic info regarding the course and furthermore, share our recent activities and academic accomplishments.

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